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Chinese food cooling tunnel Overview

AMC AMC 2015-12-19 15:49:06
Cooked food vacuum cooling tunnel technology allows food in a fully enclosed stainless steel cabinets achieve aseptic cooling, both to avoid secondary pollution, on fast cooling rate and rapid propagation of bacteria in food spend between 25 ~ 50 ℃ with , and the center and the surface of the food can be done at the same time is cooled to the desired temperature,
The greatest degree of assurance of rapid cooling and uniformity, greatly improving the quality and safety of food, to extend the shelf life. Currently, the device has become cooked (including meat products, poultry products, dumplings, soy, lunch, breads, pastries, etc.) in the production of key equipment. Cooked food cooled tunnel machine at room temperature type and low type two models. This series of chillers by the company specifically for the food ingredients tailored special cooling equipment for rapid cooling process raw materials in high temperature Zhengkao be widely used in liquor, food, medicine and other industries. The unit cooling tunnel has the following characteristics:
1. 304 stainless steel plate inner plate and in line with food-grade material conveyor belt, in line with food hygiene and safety;
2. Transport motor adopts frequency control;
3. Using two or more stages of cooling, such as a plurality of cooling function section fresh air cooling, refrigeration and cooling, with energy-saving, cooling speed, simple operation;
4. Using special cooling passages and cooling air supply. Material allows smaller particles sorghum, peanuts, sesame seeds, wheat and other cooling process does not fly in the cooling channels.
5. Designed with special material bulk device allowing to cool the material in the belt to ensure uniform distribution list can cooling, the cooling temperature uniformity, to solve the cooling problem of uneven cooling tunnel.
6. Cooling capacity: 500kg / h-2000kg / h
AMC undertake a variety of process cooling water engineering (water temperature -120 ℃ - 25 ℃), the material was cooled warehouses, fresh air low-temperature air crew, clean, environmental laboratories and other projects and production, manufacturing all kinds of refrigeration units. Special cooling equipment can be tailored according to a variety of materials and production process characteristics