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Industrial freezers corrosion in the end what is the reason

  • Author:AMC
  • Source:AMC
  • Release on:2015-12-16
1, the design, installation program is not reasonable corrosion problems caused.
2, when the number and location of installation of electronic water processor is unreasonable, the system will cause corrosion.
Screw chillers with a strong negative electrical water molecules can erode scale and rust. However, if the number and location of installation of electronic water processor is unreasonable, it will have serious corrosion of water systems, and its negative effects far outweigh the positive effects of this.
3, decontamination installed mostly Y-type mounted on a standpipe, which can only flutter decontamination equipment set to run early construction waste, to prevent the garbage into the condenser. But the Y-type filter v can not capture small scale and rust in the daily operation, thus causing a condenser fouling, accumulated mud and other impurities.
4, in the industrial freezers and chilled water systems are not designed to quickly drain valve outlet.
Currently industrial refrigerators end plates are not many units quickly drain valve installation. The correct approach is to deal with the cooling system weekly intake side by the "three open, three-off" from the sewage 2-3. Click law chilled water system to deal with sewage once a week.
5, in the cooling tower fill pipes, frozen water pipes do not fill metered.
Because treatment commonly used pharmaceutical treatment, we must be in accordance fill water and water systems administration, so this two meter in the design is indispensable.
6, using demineralized water because the sodium ion exchange regeneration waste cause permanent pollution of groundwater.
Visible great harm using softened water, so I suggest the design department in the design of central air conditioning or other water systems, do not make the choice of demineralized water supply. General water treatment chemicals should be scaling and corrosion. As a result, the choice of demineralized water do not a good way to go.
In short, we use industrial refrigerators time, to pay more attention to its details, to avoid the occurrence of corrosion and again. It can better use by people.