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AMC food conveyor line | food processing production line

  • Author:AMC
  • Source:AMC
  • Release on :2015-12-21
Food conveyor line definition: food delivery line is mainly used for the transport of food raw materials or finished products. Food conveyor line known as tableware belt conveyors have, chain plates, mesh belt, stainless steel strip, there are climbing, there are cleaning.
Food conveyor line Category:
First, classification and transportation equipment food supply lines in the material classification is based on repetition, in such a way can be divided into:
1, the conveyor belt line carrier: food belt conveyor line;
2, the conveyor roller carrier: Food roller conveyor line;
3, the carrier plate chain conveyor: Food plate chain conveyor line (chain conveyor line);
4, in order to speed the delivery vehicle chain: the speed chain conveyor line;
Second, the function can be divided into:
1, the packaging function: food packaging conveyor line;
2, drying function: food drying conveyor line;
3, machining function: Food processing line.