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About low temperature industrial chiller

  • Author:AMC
  • Source:AMC
  • Release on :2016-01-12
Relatively low temperature industrial chiller compressor compression ratio greater demand, thus the majority of the field of cryogenic system used on more complex stacked complex relative single compressor or two-stage compression-type compression; low temperature chillers run a smooth, reliable, easy damage, lower noise. Since the compressor lubricant is carried by low oil pressure, and compressor built oil has a high oil efficiency.
Application of refrigeration equipment more widely, modern refrigeration apparatus is applied chiller to cool, the chiller market prospects can be expected. Chiller develop technologically advanced countries are still some Western countries. Their research trends are also combined with their actual, substantial improvements in chiller of the body, and improve the performance of the chiller, chiller achieve smaller size, the effect of increased effectiveness.
In an increasingly competitive market, chiller developed mature technology today, miniaturization, high performance chiller has become a new trend. At the same time, in order to adapt to the rapid development of industrial production, more personalized, more fit the actual production of products will continue to emerge.