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How to choose a small conveyor belt model and maintenance

  • Author:AMC
  • Source:AMC
  • Release on :2016-01-13
AMC for you to explain how to choose a belt conveyor belt speed according Look at 9:00 the following:
   1) belt conveyor capacity, wide conveyor belt, you should choose a higher belt speed.
   2) The material is easy to scroll, large size, strong abrasive, or easily dust and sanitation conditions are higher, and should use a lower tape speed.
   3) the level of long distance transport conveyor belt should select a higher speed; transmission distance is short, and there is a large dip conveyor, the slower the belt speed. Should the slower speed.
   4) When transporting large dust belt speed desirability of 0.8m / s ~ 1m / s; or decisions based on material properties and process requirements.
   5) When the artificial ingredients weighing belt speed should not exceed 1.25m / s.
   6) When using plow unloader, belt speed should not exceed 2.0m / s.
   7) The unloading car with speed generally should not exceed 2.5m / s; when crushing materials or small pieces of material transport, the allowed speed of 3.15m / s.
   8) When there are measurement scales, belt speed automatic measurement scale should be asked to decide.
   9) When transporting the finished article, belt speed is generally less than 1.25m / s.