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AMC chiller / refrigeration system cooling principle

  • Author:AMC
  • Source:AMC
  • Release on:2016-08-22
Units mainly by closed compressor, a condenser, thermostatic expansion valve, filter drier, evaporator, gas-liquid separator and the protection devices and other components.

When cooling, refrigeration compressor low temperature and pressure refrigerant gas (R22) of water within the heat exchanger and the suction cylinder, acting through the compressor, do not make it into the higher pressure and temperature of the gas into the condenser, the high temperature and pressure refrigerant gas and the cooling water heat exchange medium, the heat to the water, while the high-pressure refrigerant gas is condensed into a liquid. After throttling the high pressure liquid into the evaporator. Within steamed, a low pressure liquid refrigerant is vaporized absorbing ambient heat attack medium (cooling water), so that the cooling water to cool cooling water at a low temperature required. Water heat exchanger temperature refrigerant gas vaporized and sucked compressed by the compressor, so the cycle, continuous cycle, while continued preparation of cold water.