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Introduction of industrial cold water machine the internal control components

  • Author:AMC
  • Source:AMC
  • Release on:2017-01-13
Cooling equipment chillers are a type of water can provide a constant, constant-current, constant-pressure water equipment. Its principle of operation is to inject an amount of water into the water tank in the machine, by water cooling of the refrigeration system, again by pumping cool water into the cooling device, chilled water temperature after the heat away and then back into the water tank, to achieve cooling effect. Cooling water temperature can be adjusted automatically according to the requirements, long-term use can save water.
  Give members a brief introduction of industrial cold water machine the internal control components are what?
  1. chillers refrigerants controller: expansion valve, capillary, etc;
  2. the refrigerant circuit controller: four-valve, check valve, double valve, solenoid valve;
  3. the refrigerant pressure control: pressure switch, output pressure control valve, pressure controllers, motor protection, overcurrent, thermal overcurrent relay, temperature, thermostat, temperature controller, temperature regulator, humidity regulator, humidity regulator, controllers, defrost defrosting temperature switches, relays, defrost time various temperature switch;
  4. control of cooling water: water cut-off relay, valves, pumps, etc;
  5. alarm control: super wet over temperature alarm, alarm, undervoltage alarm and fire alarm, smoke alarm