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The Proper Selection and Application of the Conventional Screw Chiller in Autumn and Winter

  • Author:AMC
  • Source:AMC
  • Release on :2016-10-17
   Screw chiller is a large-scale industrial refrigeration equipment. Widely used in central air conditioning and large-scale refrigeration industry. Plays a cooling, cooling, cooling important use. Using water cycle works, save water resources. Direct cooling of equipment with cold water. Can make industrial equipment temperature does not rise. Constant equipment low temperature state.
Select the appropriate appropriate cooling control system can proceed from the following aspects:
First, determine the refrigeration equipment supporting the required cooling process temperature range;
Second, according to the cooling medium to determine the type of chiller, generally divided into normal temperature type, low temperature type, low temperature type, ultra-low temperature type, mainly based on chiller cooling medium to determine, usually large industrial water chiller water-cooled and air-cooled , Chillers according to the needs of production and processing technology to selection;
Third, the temperature control accuracy, chiller flow temperature and cooling time is indispensable;
Fourth, the refrigeration equipment control panel The chiller uses the PLC control technology, causes each kind to affect the refrigeration system parameter to obtain the completely complete demonstration, then controls the complete refrigeration system.