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Cooler Start Precautions

AMC AMC 2015-08-08 16:10:53
(1) when the machine is installed, it must wait 15 minutes after the start, in order to ensure safe operation of the compressor.
(2) To re-open running cooler, please re-open interval of three minutes. If the number of frequent starts and short interval of time could easily lead to damage to the cooler.
(3) non-tilt cooler applicable, to avoid injuries, leaks or electric shock scenario.
(4) power distribution box before starting to do the ground fortifications and make it drain piping erection.
(5) Do not run the control box door open to avoid condensation. In operation when colleagues also do not open the control box door.
(6) In case the evaporator frost happens, stop cooling machine, to be confirmed before starting exclude frost. If it continues to run after the frost, easy to shorten the life of the compressor and cause malfunctions.
(7) Abnormal situations or odor (smelling odors), stop the operation immediately check to prevent electric shock or fire.