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Repair and maintenance of industrial chillers basic precautions

AMC AMC 2016-01-19 11:07:08
    ① condenser heat well, otherwise they will be cold - condensing temperature and the corresponding condensation pressure is too high, so that high-voltage protection device chiller operation and parking, and even lead to malfunction.

    ② evaporator in cold water should circulate, otherwise they will be cold water temperature is low, resulting in cold temperature protection device operation and stop, or because the evaporation temperature and the corresponding evaporation pressure is too low, the low-voltage protection device operation chillers and parking, even cause the evaporator ice cold water and damage to equipment. Therefore, the boot sequence for :( chillers must be strictly observed) open cooling tower fan - & gt; cooling water pump open - & gt; the cold water pump open - & gt; open chiller chiller downtime must strictly abide by the order :( ) chillers stop - & gt; cooling tower fan stop - & gt; cooling water pump stop - & gt; the cold water pump stops

    Chiller Maintenance Considerations

    ① shutdown, the chiller should be shut down for half an hour before work, after work, cold water pump shut down, will help save energy, while avoiding downtime, protection unit.

    ②AMC chiller maintenance before refrigerating cycle, make sure that the heating cycle pipeline valves have been closed.