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AMC Five types of pipeline technology

AMC AMC 2017-03-02 13:44:35
Line function complex, type also very more; if according to processing level to classification, line can has operation parts level, and instruction level and processor level; if according to line can completed of action of number to classification, and can is divided into single function and line technology multifunctional line; if according to line internal of function parts of connection way to classification, is has linear line and nonlinear line; according to can processing object to classification, also can has scalar line and vector line.
Classification of lines:   
1, the function category:   
Single-function pipeline: only a multiplication or a floating-point operation, used for digital signal processors (DSP), the processor can be done in parallel with their respective functions and speed up the whole process.   
Multifunction line: can perform different functions in different situations pipeline technology  

2, according to level:   
Feature level: in the realization of a more complex operation   
Instruction level: an instruction execution process is divided into phases   
Processor level: each processor to complete its task.

3, lines manufacture structural classification:   
Linear line: function modules serial connections in the order, no feedback loop, as described earlier.   
Nonlinear pipeline: pipeline with a feedback loop.
4, according to data type:   
Scalar line: General data   
Vector line: vector data. X+Y=Z each representing one-dimensional data.

How 5, according to category:   
Static line: same time, multifunctional structures can only work as a function of connection.   
Dynamic lines: one time, can have a variety of functional way while working.