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Extend the life of the belt is also a production target

AMC AMC 2016-06-30 09:15:25
Conveyor belt under the premise of high-tech products through the production needs after treatment, because of its high strength and heat resistance, named, according to the general can withstand high temperatures and determine the temperature of different models, but the media itself is how much temperature a consideration of value, with a surface temperature is considered a value, generally with a surface temperature as the main reference data product selection of materials, high heat-resistant material used in low temperature, is a waste of resources, production costs for intangible in was raised, but on the contrary, low heat-resistant material used in the transmission of high-temperature materials, it will reach the purpose of use, or even dangerous, resulting in product damage and even paralysis of the entire conveyor, directly affect the the production line. Within our capabilities, to choose the most suitable material to use, it is in line with the actual production of the highest standards.