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Five types of pipelining

AMC AMC 2016-08-17 10:29:23
Pipelining complexity, variety is also very large; if treated in accordance with the level of classification, the pipeline can operate the component level, instruction-level and processor level; if the number of lines can be completed in accordance with the operation of classification, can be divided into single-function and pipelining multifunction technology pipeline; if in accordance with connection lines internal functional components of the classification, the linear and non-linear lines line; can be processed in accordance with the classification, can also be pipelined scalar and vector lines.
Pipeline Category:
1, according to the completion of the functional classification:
Single-function pipeline: A completed only multiplication or floating-point operations, and many more for a digital signal processor (DSP), each processor can be done in parallel respective functions, speed up the processing speed of the machine.
Multi-function pipeline: in different situations may perform different functions pipelining

2, according to the processing level points:
Level features: the use in the realization of a more complex operation
Instruction level: the execution of an instruction is divided into a plurality of stages
Inter-processor level: each processor to complete their specialized tasks.

3, on the assembly line manufacture structural classification:
Linear lines: refers to the sequence of each functional module serial connection, no feedback loop, as described above.
Nonlinear pipeline: the pipeline with a feedback loop.

4, according to the type of data processing Category:
Scalar pipeline: general data
Vector Pipeline: vector data. X + Y = Z each represent a one-dimensional data.

5, connected by Category:
Static lines: the same time, multi-functional structure can only work as a way of connecting function.
Dynamic lines: the same time, can have a variety of connectivity features simultaneously.