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High quality factory price full automatic standardized modules cooling tunnel machine

AMC www.coolingtunnelsystem.com 2023-11-13 10:09:16

A Complete full automatic moulding chocolate machine lines include chocolate pouring, finishing, assembly line work processes automatic feeder. Set of electrical control in one. The production line can produce pure chocolate, pralines, chocolate color, particle mixing pouring chocolate chocolate chip cookies. Product smooth and beautiful accurate, is the ideal chocolate production equipment.

Chocolate depositing line production process involves casting mold oscillation biscuit baking process, such as automatic cooling releasing delivery work program.


l PLC computer-controlled, automatic frequency control and finishing, packaging cohesion and stability.

l man-machine interface (touch screen), overload protection. Security alarm situation occurs automatically and stop, and the touch screen display.

l products through electronic parameters stored procedures, and 20 minutes to carry out different chocolate color and product replacement. Easy to operate, under a more stable formulation.

l The chocolate with nuts or nut butter, cereal or other food particles pouring products according to customers' requirements.

l introduction of Korean technology, can automatically place cookies, domestic few companies currently use, there are potential benefits.

l high degree of automation, the amount of the photodetector chocolate, chocolate less than normal, with high-precision rotary lobe pumps (or vane pump) automatic feeding saves labor (installation according to customer requirements).

l pouring section with plastic rail protection, the chain does not touch the overflow chocolate, maintain maximum overall food hygiene requirements.

l modern mechanical servo system reduces maintenance costs and transmission parts contamination of the product, and increased the amount sandwich.

l high strength, modular transition wheel mounting, to ensure more stable mold in the production process.

l Through the customer service process and the basis to continuously improve equipment debugging reports. We can according to customer requirements.