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Lightweight stainless steel roller conveyor installation steps

AMC AMC 2016-08-19 09:59:53
Installation of stainless steel roller conveyor is extremely important, directly related to the efficiency of the conveyor belt conveyor equipment, long-term use machinery may also be related to a stainless steel roller conveyor length machine life. Stainless steel roller conveyor may only be a single mechanical transportation of materials, can also be used with other transport materials for cooperating to form a rhythmic flow process of shipping lanes.
Today small for everyone to talk about the installation steps lightweight stainless steel roller conveyors, the total can be divided into four steps:
1, the installation of lightweight stainless steel roller conveyor frame
Since the frame is divided into the first frame, intermediate frame and tailstock, we also have a sequence during installation, to install the first frame, and then install the intermediate frame and finally the tailstock. Before we must first install the rack in the center pulling the entire length of the conveyor, because by holding holding centerline of the conveyor in a straight line is an important condition for the normal operation of the conveyor belt, so when you install the rack sections must aligned with the center line, but also put on airs leveling the rack to the center line of the tolerance per meter captain of ± 0.1mm. But in the entire length of the conveyor rack center error should not exceed 35mm. When all the single install and identify Thereafter, each block can be connected.
2, when you install the drive unit mounted drive, it must pay attention to the vertical center line of lightweight stainless steel roller conveyor shaft and lightweight stainless steel roller conveyor, so that the center line of the width of the drive roller conveyor center coincides reducer parallel to the axis of the shaft. At the same time, all axes and rollers should be leveling. The horizontal axis of the error, according to the width of the conveyor, allowing the range of 0.5-1.5mm. While the drive unit is installed, you can install the tail wheel and other tensioning device, the tensioning roller axis of the device should be perpendicular to the centerline and light stainless steel roller conveyor.
3, installation of roller
After the chassis, transmission and tensioning device installed, you can install the upper and lower idler roller frame, so that the conveyor belt has a curved arc slow to change, and asked roller frame bending section normal pitch roller frame spacing 1 / 2 ~ 1/3. After the roller installation, it should be light and flexible rotation.
4, identify the conveyor belt to ensure always run in roller and cylinder center line.