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AMC would like to support America's Cup for our cooling tunnel

AMC www.coolingtunnelsystem.com 2015-06-18 18:08:57
AMC would like to support America's Cup for our cooling tunnel

South American Football Association's official website officially announced the 2015 America's Cup group draw results of Chile, Brazil and Colombia, points in a group, Argentina and Uruguay will be fighting in a group.

2015 Copa America Group at a glance:

Group A: Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia

Group B: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Jamaica

Group C: Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela 

cooling tunnel machine is useful for their cooling food and keep safe.

America's Cup is the most important football tournament in South America, is second only to the World Cup and the European Cup after the world's third largest intercontinental national team football tournament. The 44th America's Cup will be in local 2015 年 11 June to 4 July were eight cities in Chile will host the tournament, the last team to win the America's Cup champion Uruguay team.

In addition to the tournament's 10 teams CONMEBOL invited two South American teams not to participate. This team is invited to the Jamaican team in North America, and from America's Cup regulars Mexico. Originally planned to invite America's Cup competition in Mexico and Japan, but the Japanese Football Association declined the invitation, in March this year the Chinese Football Association has said FIFA has accepted the invitation of South America, he decided to be invited to participate in 2015 Copa America. However, considering the second phase of the 2018 Asian World Cup qualifying match Russia and Chile will be the America's Cup there is a conflict, the Chinese Football Association finally decided to abandon America's Cup.

AMC 's football team is also good at producing cooling tunnel,they would like to better for this game.