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2015Dragon Boat Festival legends from AMC

AMC www.coolingtunnelsystem.com 2015-06-19 17:02:39
2015 Dragon Boat Festival legends from AMC for food conveyor

Fifth day of May, is a holiday that we Chinese calendar - the Dragon Boat Festival.
This festival is the day that we wrapped dumplings. Every year on this day, many people are wrapped dumplings, many different flavors of different types of dumplings, fragrant dumplings will be in this season have emerged.
About the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival, in fact, I have always vary. Some people see it as the fifth of May commemorates the Miluo River in patriotic poet Qu Yuan. Some people say that this festival in ancient times, is a disinfection avoid the outbreak of the day. 
AMC are so happy to celebrate the dragon boat festival legends for 2015.
We are good at producing food conveyor and cooling tunnel for 12years.

According to records of the literature, as well as popular down many ancient legend Dragon Boat Festival customs, May is considered "poison month", "bad month", the fifth of May is the first of nine drugs, so this day will be around for many evil, disinfection and avoid the outbreak of specific practices such as interpolation Po child leaves, drinking realgar wine, offering five plague messenger and so on.
Then later, the significance of the Dragon Boat Festival has changed. People to commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan's patriotism and noble personality, this has been handed to forget the original intent of the Dragon Boat Festival to commemorate Qu Yuan, some of the original may not be the dragon boat and rice dumplings and other customs, contacted him. 

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Now most people only have to remember the Dragon Boat Festival and Qu Yuan, but in fact some of the new generation of young people to Qu Yuan's story is not much of an impression. They know that this festival is to eat dumplings, nothing more.
About Dragon Boat Festival, in fact, this is not the arrival of the Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat Race of events is everywhere. Avoid the outbreak from evil, to commemorate Qu Yuan, the meaning of the Dragon Boat Festival great changes.
The original intent of this festival, year after year social change gradually by "nibble."
Today, the festival became a Chinese food festival. From the old corner millet dumplings produced a wide range of today's colorful package dumplings. Many places are integrated into its own characteristics dumplings in local cuisine.