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Dumplings food conveyor - Chinese traditional Dragon Boat Festival

AMC AMC 2015-06-21 12:30:03
Food delivery line is mainly used in food processing enterprises one automatic or semi-automatic production line equipment, mainly used in the production of transport of raw materials or finished products. Food delivery line is also called the food is there belt conveyor, chain plate, mesh belt, stainless steel, there are climbing, there are cleaning.
Food conveyor line for transporting the device in the classification on classification somewhat repeated in a way, transmission lines can be classified on the basis of food production materials and features:
First, based on the production of materials:
1, the conveyor belt line carrier: food belt conveyor line;
2, as a delivery vehicle to roll: Food roller conveyor line;
3, the carrier plate chain conveyor: Food plate chain conveyor line (chain conveyor line);
4, in order to speed the delivery vehicle chain: the speed chain conveyor line;
Second, according to functional classification:
1, the packaging function: food packaging conveyor line;
2, drying function: food drying conveyor line;
3, the processing functions: food processing line.
Food delivery line is essential for food processing enterprises in a production equipment not only plays an important role in food processing, packaging and other processes, in all aspects of food production have an irreplaceable role. Food conveying line in the production of applications with the following advantages:
1, carrying capacity, it can be used for bulk transport;
2, the device structure is solid and reliable, can operate at a relatively harsh environment;
3, the feed length can be customized based on the needs lengthened, can lay the basis workshop environment;
4, so that all production processes to be coherent, to save the production cycle, improve production efficiency.