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Industrial chillers common illnesses treatment

AMC AMC 2015-06-28 19:17:01
1,Industrial ChillerCompressor does not start:
A,Industrial ChillerNo power Power interruption: Check the power supply.
B, industrial chiller control circuit steadily burned: Replace secure, and to identify why.
C, high-voltage switch operation: a lack of cooling water flow, low cooling tower water level, water temperature, the cooling tower fan did not work or misdirected or fluorine, when Aung participate too high water chilled water temperature is too high.
D, control circuit fault: Check phase sequence, voltage, control whether maintenance action, the need to maintain a high pressure manual reset.
E, low pressure switch operation: The pressure value did not reach the open view for disposal.
F,Industrial ChillerSome of the chain of manipulation is not working.
2, shut down shortly after launch industrial chillers:
A, high-voltage switch operation: the pump system problems, there are non-condensable gas condensate low pressure switch.
B, expansion valve blockage, damage: should be cleaned, replaced.
C, user load is too low, the formation frequently played down.
3,Industrial ChillerExhaust gas pressure is too low:
A, lack of refrigerant: refrigerant leak and make up.
B, the cooling water temperature is too low: adjust the flow.
C, dry filter clogging: clean and replace the filter.
4, the exhaust pressure is too high:
A, Refrigerant too: out of excess refrigerant.