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Chinese professional manufacturer of industrial chiller

AMC AMC 2015-07-11 01:55:07
Chiller in the industry is divided into air-cooled and water-cooled chiller chiller two types of chiller in temperature and room temperature control is divided into low temperature chiller chiller, room temperature control in the range of 0 degrees -35 degrees. Cryogenic temperature control is generally at 0 degrees - 100 degrees below zero range.
The operation of the chiller system is through three interrelated systems: the refrigerant cycle system, water system, electrical automatic control system.
Compressor: The compressor is the heart of the entire refrigeration system component, the refrigerant is compressed source of power. Its role is to input electrical energy into mechanical energy, the compressed refrigerant.
Chiller refrigerant cycle system:
Evaporator liquid refrigerant absorbs heat and water began to evaporate, forming a certain temperature of the final difference between the refrigerant and water, the liquid refrigerant after gas has completely evaporated into the compressor suction and compression (pressure and temperature increase) , gas refrigerant through the condenser (air / water) to absorb heat, condenses into a liquid, through the thermal expansion valve (or capillary tube) after throttling into the low temperature low pressure refrigerant into the evaporator, the refrigerant cycle is completed. 
AMC manufactured for use in cooling chiller above the tunnel effect is most good, the food industry needs cooling tunnel cooling, chiller is the core, to ensure that the heart of the cooling tunnel, the Chinese-made chillers are exported to overseas markets.