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AMC mesh belt conveyor Safety

AMC AMC 2015-07-27 11:43:20
    Mesh belt conveyor is now widely used in various industries, its high delivery performance has been widely recognized by the majority of users, but the conveyor when using some can not ignore the problem, how much concrete we understand it, we as we detail below:
    Mesh belt conveyor is a certain line of continuous transport of cargo handling machinery, mesh belt conveyor transmission capacity, long distance, but also in the transportation process complete a number of process operation at the same time, it is widely used.
    When the mesh belt conveyor installation work to be arranged in line with the process line, when the process has more than two working places, to consider the work of the same process to the arrangement method. When the general when there are two or more even number of similar workplace, we should consider the double row arrangement, they are presented separately in two cases of transport routes, but a worker to look after more than one device, consider moving workers distance as short as possible.
     Graphic design mesh belt conveyor transportation routes should be guaranteed a minimum of parts, to facilitate the production workers to operate, support services to facilitate the work, the most efficient use of production area, and to consider the interface between the mesh belt conveyor installed between. To meet these requirements, should mesh belt conveyor layout in consideration of the form of mesh belt conveyor, belt conveyor installation to the arrangement method and other issues.