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AMC food cooling tunnel cooling water pipeline project tunnel coolers

AMC AMC 2015-11-23 12:37:59
AMC cooling tunnel accessories introduced: the compressor from Germany Bitzer Bitzer, American Copeland Copeland, Taiwan Han Zhong Hanbell US Danfoss Danfoss and other brands; In addition to the two outer, more than 80% of other refrigeration components are used by the US Danfoss, USA Alco, France Carly, the United States Emerson and other international brands; combining scientific rigor of the construction process; to ensure safe and reliable cooling system. Using the latest CAD / CAM processing technology, with CNC machining centers produced, compact structure, high reliability, stable performance, beautiful appearance, high efficiency and energy saving. Equipped with advanced automatic control system; to achieve requirements process cooling continuity 24 hours operation. 1. 304 stainless steel plate inner plate and in line with food-grade material conveyor belt, in line with food hygiene and safety; 2. conveying motor with variable frequency control; 3. The use of two or more stages of cooling, such as new air cooling, refrigeration and cooling more a cooling section, with electricity, cooling speed, simple operation; 4. Using special cooling passages and cooling air supply. Material allows smaller particles sorghum, peanuts, sesame seeds, wheat and other cooling process does not fly in the cooling channels. 5. Design the use of specialized bulk material device allowing the belt to cool the material in a uniform distribution list can ensure cooling, cooling temperature uniformity, to solve the cooling problem of uneven cooling tunnel. 6. Cooling capacity: 500kg / h-2000kg / h, I also undertake a variety of process cooling water engineering (water temperature -120 ℃ - 25 ℃), the material was cooled warehouses, fresh air low-temperature air crew, clean, environmental test chambers, etc. engineering and production, manufacturing all kinds of refrigeration units. Our special cooling equipment can be tailored according to the characteristics of various materials and production processes, AMC cooling tunnel cooling system providers in the world!