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Industrial Chiller ice blockage how to do

AMC AMC 2015-12-16 10:52:04
   Industrial chillers use for a long time in the future, how much of their own or because of some external elements forming units presents problems, such as high pressure alarm, low alarm, chiller refrigeration poor or no refrigeration and other appearances. Today share a common industrial chiller cooling system blockage appearance. Industrial chillers presented ice block representation, because the water system must transcend share in the expansion valve / capillary inlet end of the evaporator freeze and clog the fine channel, so that the low-pressure to low or negative, the whole poor refrigeration and even causing no refrigeration. And low electrical load of the compressor, expansion valve / capillary weak as long as the slightest sound or no response, no frost evaporator, compressor outlet and a condenser is not hot, the demand for ice jam at a long period of time before Self ablation lose through, but the cycle after a period of time will happen again ice block. This ice block representation often occurs at the inlet and outlet of the evaporator capillaries. About to Freon refrigerant chillers refrigeration cycle system, since freon refrigerant and water are mutually insoluble, when water-rich freon passes through the thermal expansion valve, the water is separated from the free status of Freon out at a low temperature condition icing blocked pipes and valves. On the other hand, in the case of water mixed freon case, chemical stability is poor, prone to acidic substances, corrosive industrial chiller pipes and inner appearance. Thus, on freon refrigeration system, the quality of its water content expressed as a fraction, shall not exceed 0.0025%. The freon refrigeration system industrial chiller water mainly from the following situations:
1, the low-pressure part of the leak, into the air when the pressure is lower than the local atmospheric pressure;
2, Freon itself impure, rich in water and other elements formed.
3. After the system unit, the internal air is not exhausted and there are water;
4, maintenance and filling into the air when fluorine; therefore, before the industrial chiller cooling system to charge a refrigerant, it is necessary to do the boring jobs, means dry filter freon refrigeration system. Dry filter system on the device, because the longer running time, the effectiveness of poor absorption of moisture shall promptly replaced.
Factory production of cold water chiller, the factory will be filled with refrigerant and oil. If problems are presented in unit operation, needs charging refrigerant, contact chiller manufacturers advocate for disposal, to ensure safe and reliable operation of the unit.