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Industrial chillers teach your freezer flange maintenance

AMC AMC 2015-12-21 09:15:35
   The main fault of industrial chillers are sealed flange vent turn. Common causes are damaged flange gaskets, flange sealing line injuries, not vertical flange and pipe welding caused two flanges not parallel flange bolt preload is too large or uneven enable law Blue plastic deformation and warping. or weld flange and pipe vent No
    If the asbestos gasket flange connections chillers aging and damage. Lose sealing ability, you can get a new gasket. Should flange sealing off the old gasket cleaned, new gaskets buttered stone in pink, and then diagonally to tighten the bolts evenly.
    Flange sealing surface damage is not serious, the sealing surface can be polished. If severe corrosion or damage must replace the flange of the freezer.
    Available for welding and pipe welding when flange leak. However, when the flange and pipe welding, soldering is generally twofold. Then welding the event of a leak, it is difficult to ensure that no leakage turn. If you need to replace unsuccessful welding flange.
    If there is no vertical flange and pipe welding, flange warpage, trachoma and severe corrosion phenomena on the flange. Should be replaced with new.