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AMC AMC 2015-12-21 09:31:08
   Refrigeration equipment such as chillers, chromatography freezer, ice maker, ultra-low temperature refrigerator motivated by their refrigeration compressor, which is by the whole refrigerant cycle refrigeration compressors, refrigeration compressors and therefore effect is immeasurable! Refrigeration equipment to do the most important in the selection is optional refrigeration compressor, which directly determines how much cooling capacity. This article describes the role do the relevant refrigeration compressors, classification and application! & Lt; & gt; refrigeration compressors, namely refrigerant compressor is a key part of the decision vapor compression refrigeration system capacity size of the system's operating performance, noise, vibration, maintenance and service life have a direct impact.
Refrigeration compressor system's role in that: the suction of the refrigerant vapor from the evaporator and increase its temperature and pressure, will be exclusive to the condenser. In the condenser, the high-pressure superheated refrigerant vapor condensing temperature in the exothermic condensation. Then through the throttle element, after the gas-liquid mixture flows down the evaporator, where the refrigerant liquid at the boiling temperature of the endothermic evaporation, converted to the vapor enters the compressor, in order to achieve a continuously circulating flow of the refrigerant in the refrigeration system . Thus, the refrigeration compressor system with respect to the "heart."
Refrigeration compressor classification:
A wide range of refrigeration compressors, according to the principle classification, can be divided into the displacement type and speed type, volume type according to the characteristics of the compressed parts of the movement can be divided into two types: reciprocating piston (referred to as piston type) and rotary. According to the structural characteristics of the rotary compressor can be divided into the rolling piston type (also known as rolling rotor), vane-type, screw-type (including twin screw, single-screw type), scroll and the like. Speed-type compressor according to the compression process continuously, the main application is a centrifugal refrigeration compressors.
The evaporator temperature classification, and can be divided into high, medium and low temperature III compressor. Temperature refrigeration compressors: -10 ° C ~ 10 ° C; medium temperature refrigeration compressors: -20 ° C ~ -10 ° C; low-temperature refrigeration compressors: -45 ° C ~ -20 ° C.
The sealing structure form classification, and can be divided into open and closed compressor compressor. The hermetic compressor can be divided into semi-enclosed and fully enclosed