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AMC chiller in the plastic products factory use

AMC AMC 2015-12-21 10:05:52
There are many open plastic products factory, or need chiller machine with circulating oil cooling circulating water and friend, at the time of purchase industrial chillers, often do not know what type of chiller with, in order to achieve the cooling effect of their requirements or did not know what kind of machine is more suitable for their own production workshop.
I want to tell you some simple selection method hoping to help some friends.
First, we have to figure out which is divided into several types of chillers: Usually manufacturers will produce water-cooled and air-cooled two.
Air-cooled chiller, contains within its body holding tanks and pump eliminates the need for additional cooling towers to heat. Installation and removal is very convenient, but it has a higher work environment requirements, first, because it is hot air circulation for cooling , so if you install ventilation plant is not good, it will directly affect the chiller's cooling effect. In addition, if you want to have a clean room on the chiller required in humidity, then I advise you to modify cooling Because air-cooled chiller, water vapor in the top discharge to heat
Water-cooled chiller, can be divided into open, sealed (some called box type) and screw. First to declare, water-cooled chillers, cooling towers and the installation should be additional water pump for hot water extraction heat dissipation. in order to achieve good efficiency cooling effect. open chiller, but also other equipped with a water tank, sealed would not have had, because he built a water tank itself. Open usually installed somewhere in the workshop, he easy maintenance, but because not beautiful, so we produced a sealed water-cooled chiller, because it is a box structure, it is more popular, but if you ask for a very large cooling capacity, it should be used and screw type of chiller, and this time we will generally call chillers, most of the manufacturers, if you ask for chiller compressor reaches 100HP above, they will suggest you screw chiller.