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Role chiller thermal expansion valve

AMC AMC 2016-01-06 16:11:04
Chiller thermal expansion valve function: chiller thermal expansion valve installed in the evaporator inlet, often referred to as an expansion valve, the main role is twofold: 
1, chiller throttling effect: high-temperature high-pressure liquid refrigerant passes through the orifice after throttling expansion valve, a low temperature and low pressure hydraulic refrigerant mist to create conditions for the evaporation of refrigerant;     
2, to control the flow of refrigerant chiller: entering evaporator liquid refrigerant, after evaporator, the liquid refrigerant is evaporated into gaseous state, absorb heat and reduce the temperature inside the vehicle. Expansion valve controlling the flow of refrigerant to ensure that the evaporator outlet entirely gaseous refrigerant, if the amount of traffic, export containing liquid refrigerant entering the compressor may produce liquid strike; if the refrigerant flow is too small, advance to evaporate, resulting in inadequate refrigeration.