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Industry News

Energy-saving is the main direction of development of the chiller

AMC AMC 2016-01-12 14:32:48
Energy saving and environmental protection has become one of the main characteristics of this era. Chiller as now was the most popular use of modern technologies, giving rise to enjoy a better life, but also to energy saving and environmental protection has brought great challenges. Energy conservation has become a very serious problem chiller industry must face the direction from the current energy-saving point of view, from the source to proceed, energy diversification policy development of new energy is greatly advocated. Such as the development of solar energy or natural gas, city gas, waste heat power generation, industrial heat, gas and other non-electric chillers, is undoubtedly one of the most intuitive direction.

Of course, proceed from the industry technology for energy optimization, fully improve energy efficiency, so as to achieve energy-saving purposes, which is currently the mainstream of development direction chiller. Currently in addition to building automation, ice storage is the most representative of energy-saving technologies.

Birth ice storage technology, human energy development and utilization of another revolution. Ice storage air-conditioning refrigeration during the night, during the day to cool, ice storage means very low power load during the night time period, the use of the motor ice, the cold stored in the ice the way; in the higher load of daytime electricity outage chiller, the cold storage is released at night to meet the energy unit cooling load needs. On the one hand reduces the thermal potential difference, you can save some energy, on the other hand stagger the peak period electricity load to achieve "peak load shifting," an effective solution to the imbalance brought about summer power grid by grid capacity, power plants and other industries Capacity problems with certain social benefits.

This technology is the beginning of the last century and the beginning of the application developed in the United States, but did not start to spread. Until the eighties the worldwide energy crisis, energy-saving advantages ice storage was only attracted worldwide attention, and have been widely promoted use. Energy-poor Japan, ice storage market is quite good. Currently the technology has become an important means of coercion developed to solve a lot of power supply pressure imbalance.

Beginning in the 1990s the introduction of foreign ice storage technology, hundreds of units in the country prior to use, and now has core intellectual property of ice storage technology only Goryeong Energy Technology Co., Ltd., its self-developed ice storage technology systems ICEBANK breaking the monopoly of foreign technology, it is the only reached the international advanced level of national brand of ice storage. After its re-operation project was first implemented in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Chase Mall using ice storage technology, each year for users to save air conditioning costs 1.177 million yuan, saving expense ratio is 36.6%, the transfer of electricity to the national grid peak of 3.38 million kwh, for the country to reduce 1129 tons of coal-fired electricity, environmental minus 12.38 million m? Case emissions are more prominent.

In recent years with the continuous deepening of China's energy conservation work, especially in recent years intensified the country's electricity shortage underscores the power supply situation, some provinces have rolling blackouts, as Beijing is a typical subject Electric City, three percent of electricity production on their own, relying on field Qicheng electricity delivery. Beijing last summer when peak power receiving more than 11.1 million kilowatts, the power grid was forecast gaps are more than 300 million kilowatts, the power shortage during the day while at night the power loose. The main advantage of ice storage price difference in use to achieve savings, achieve cooling requirements, and therefore ice storage technology are more and more attention.