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AMC Applications in food industry stainless steel mesh belt conveyor

AMC www.coolingtunnelsystem.com 2023-06-07 14:39:41
AMC mesh belt conveyor is prepared by genus wire mesh belt as a carrier, it is among a conveyor apparatus.
In the middle on both sides of the installation of the chain with the wear pin connection, using sprocket chain so that the chain conveyor belt in the direction of and exercise; also can use a special plastic bag roll for direct drive with Mobility, the former generally applies to materials weight and longer delivery form, used for cooling, drying and other industries require transportation, and therefore density than the thin mesh belt, which typically use a relatively dense mesh belt for conveying materials smaller and shorter distances or special delivery of the object, such as a belt conveyor ferromagnetic materials.


Stainless steel mesh belt conveyor is among the most widely used in the food industry, the food industry is very applicable to all types of drying, cooking, frying, dehumidification, refrigeration, etc., and metal industries cooling, spray, wash, drain oil and heat treatment processes. It also includes quick-frozen for the food, baking machinery transport plane, screw conveyor and food machinery cleaning, sterilization, drying, cooling and cooking and other processes.

Requirements stainless steel mesh belt conveyor belt for the work environment is not high, stainless steel is a high strength steel, adapt to a wide temperature range, it can easily be used within a temperature range of 400 degrees Celsius, and will not have any problems .

Like acid, caustic soda that can not be hand-delivered product, it can be transported with a net to bring, for weak acids and bases are not afraid of it, but you can give it to make a protective layer, such as a layer of rubber on the bag, it.

Stainless steel mesh belt use in food is a friction drive conveyor to connect the equipment.

Stainless steel mesh belt conveyor during transportation of materials can be formed of a material transport process from the initial feed point to the discharge point between the final, stainless steel mesh belt conveyor can be either granular materials, can also be a member transportation items.

In addition to the pure essence of the material, it can also be compatible with the requirements of various industrial enterprises in the process of the production process, and the formation of the rhythmic flow transport line.