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AMC chillers

AMC AMC 2016-05-16 10:56:46
Chiller is a modern advanced refrigeration equipment. Chiller is an important auxiliary unit of industrial development.
Chiller is a physical machine.
Chiller commonly known as freezer, refrigerator, ice machine, cold water machine, cooler, etc., due to more extensive use of all walks of life, so the name was also more numerous. The nature of principle is a versatile machine, remove the liquid vapor by compression or absorption refrigeration cycle heat. Vapor compression chillers include four main components of the steam compression refrigeration cycle compressor, evaporator, condenser, metering device forms part in order to achieve different refrigerant. Absorption chillers use water as a refrigerant, and rely on water and lithium bromide solution between, in order to achieve the cooling effect is very strong affinity. Chiller is generally used in air conditioning units and industrial cooling. In air conditioning systems, chilled water is usually assigned to the heat exchanger or cooling coils in air handling units or other types of terminal equipment in its own space, and then re-circulated back to the cooling water is cooled by the cooling. In industrial applications, chilled water or other liquid cooling pump through process or laboratory equipment. Industrial chiller is used to control the products, mechanisms and factory machinery cooling of all walks of life. Press chiller refrigeration in the form generally can be divided into water-cooled and air-cooled, technically, than the water-cooled air-cooled energy efficiency to be higher than the 300-500 kcal / h; in the price, than the water-cooled air-cooled much lower; on installation, the need to include a water-cooled cooling tower before use, air cooling is removable without other support, but air-cooled chiller just by fan cooling, the environment has requirements: such as ventilation, humidity, high temperature is not 40 ° C, pH ... performance in the form of air chillers, can be divided into: a chiller performance: air-cooled chiller - Features 1. Free install cooling towers, easy to install, easy to move, suitable for water scarcity Free water tower installed applications. 2. Low noise fan motor, excellent cooling effect of condensation, steady throttle mechanism, excellent anti-rust treatment.
. Europe and America imported high-performance compressor, high EER value, low noise and stable operation. Chiller Performance II: water-cooled chiller - Features 1. Ergonomic panel, fully automatic control, equipped with sophisticated electronic temperature controller, long-term stable operation. 2. The high-efficiency heat exchanger, less cooling loss, and easy oil return, the cracking of the advantages of the heat transfer tube will not occur. 3. The use of the Japan-US imported high-performance compressor, high EER value, low noise, stable operation. Chiller Performance III: low temperature air-cooled chiller - food preservation dedicated chiller features low temperature chiller is a special low-temperature environments, the super-cooling capacity of hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and other commercial establishments, large cold storage meat, frozen seafood, frozen, ice fields, frozen food processing / cold storage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other low-temperature environment to provide a reliable guarantee. 1. Complete product range, including high temperature (water temperature -5 ℃), temperature (water temperature -10 ℃), low temperature (water temperature -15 ℃) three series. 2. The structure is highly optimized, a heat exchanger plate support body, the structure is simple, compact and practical. 3. High-quality screw compressor + perfect combination of the best high-performance heat exchanger, energy efficiency up to 4.5. 4. four or stepless capacity control, precise fit load changes. Four - Chiller: Water-cooled low temperature chiller - Features small water-cooled chiller, cooling capacity, using the world famous imported compressor, low temperature performance, reliable and durable products for industrial applications according to the characteristics of design, built-in low-temperature circulating pump and stainless steel freezing tank, extremely easy to use, all materials in contact with water are made of corrosion resistant materials, effectively prevent rust, corrosion, micro-LED quantity controller with temperature display, set temperature, automatically adjust the cold water temperature and compressor delay protection, use of brand name contacts, relays and other electrical components, with full lights, switches, operation at a glance, built-in electronic level indication and alarm devices, low water level alarm, the operator through the control panel will be able to grasp the situation of frozen water tank timely replenishment, the unique modular design, each compressor system security independent, even if a system problem, and will not affect the normal operation of other systems. Chiller performance Five: air-cooled screw chiller - Features 1. air-cooled condenser is finned, dual oil corrugated hydrophilic aluminum foil, the heat exchanger by a professional processing equipment manufacturing, with a compact, small size , light weight, high heat transfer efficiency advantages, and configure large leaf low speed axial fans, can effectively reduce operating noise and reduce the impact on the surrounding environment. 2. The unit control system adopts imported PLC program controller, HMI and configure large-screen touch screen, the interface is simple and elegant, easy operation. 3. The unit has a reliable safety protection device, comprising: high and low voltage protection, exhaust temperature protection, compressor motor overheating protection, overcurrent protection, antifreeze temperature protection, water protection, emergency stop switch, temperature type fusible plug, safety valve.
Chiller performance six: air source heat pump - Features 1. Energy efficient, comprehensive energy efficiency up to 8.0, which provides cooling, heating, domestic hot water system three conditions automatic switch according to the ambient temperature and hot water needs, take advantage of energy. 2. Investment profitability, hot water when cold recovery, cooling can be achieved at no cost. 3. safety and environmental protection, with the refrigerant as a medium, non-toxic, non-explosive, can be connected to the original hot water systems, and more can replace high-risk, high-cost boiler system, also with the use of solar energy systems to replace electric heating parts. 4. The automatic computer control, no special monitoring by remote or centralized management system operation. 5. units or modular, assembly structure, slim volume, can be flexibly mounted on the roof, terrace or in the engine room and the like. 6. When the hot water discharged from the cold air can be used to reduce the ambient temperature, improve environmental quality. Chiller performance Seven: Water-cooled screw unit - Features 1. Chiller is a horizontal shell and tube condenser shell and tube evaporator, having a simple structure, heat stable, lasting efficiency, easy maintenance, has been It is recognized as the most ideal structure of central air conditioner components. 2. The unit control system adopts imported PLC program controller, HMI configuration big screen touch screen, simple and elegant interface, easy operation. 3. The unit has a reliable safety protection device, comprising: high and low voltage protection, exhaust temperature protection, compressor motor overheating protection, overcurrent protection, antifreeze temperature protection, water protection, emergency stop switch, temperature type fusible plug, safety valve. Chiller performance eight: water source heat pump hot water unit - Unit Features 1. Reasonable design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, small size, small footprint; 2. Energy saving and environmental protection, to provide customers with industrial water at the same time, also supply a large number of free sanitary hot water, increasing the thermal cooling system is running, high energy efficiency, heat recovery cooling capacity of up to 30-80%; 3. low operating costs, improve unit efficiency, improve working conditions, the unit operating cost savings; 4. security reliable, relatively constant temperature of the body characteristics of the heat pump unit to run more reliable, more stable, to ensure the system's efficiency and economy, and requires no special maintenance or operation, operation and maintenance costs very little; 5. reliable: stable performance, low noise, long life, hot received technology to reduce the unit due to the load, reduce the failure rate. 6. The intelligent control, automatic microcomputer control without manual monitoring, which enables remote or centralized management.