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Chiller how long need to be cleaned?

AMC AMC 2016-05-09 09:33:17
    Chiller is a compression or absorption refrigeration cycle to achieve the effect of energy-saving machines through steam. Billion times called the cooling water chiller machine, also known as chillers, coolers, freezers, chillers, ice machines, small chillers, industrial chillers, chillers, low temperature chiller, laser chiller, because the industry widespread use, so depending on the industry, and its numerous aliases, the company mainly produces air-cooled chiller, water-cooled chiller, screw chiller industrial chillers and filling lines.

    Normal chiller operation after a period of operation, the need for comprehensive care and maintenance. For many companies, since the relatively weak sense of routine maintenance, resulting in a very long time after the use of chillers, chiller has not completed for effective maintenance. If the chiller lack of necessary care and maintenance, which means chiller running late failure rate is very high.

    Even chiller overall operational quality even higher, if not carried out any care and maintenance within the stipulated time, the chiller may occur and problems to varying degrees. Especially for many industrial chillers, will produce a wide range of issues of scale after the long run, if the scale can not be effectively cleaned after a long period of accumulation, expanding the range of the scale, the cooling effect of a direct impact on industrial chillers. Run chiller thermal performance under the premise of the affected and increase their consumption of energy equipment running large-scale, seriously affecting the stable operation of the chiller.

    Actually running chiller when the chiller is running in order to maintain security and stability, after half a year of time, the need for thorough cleaning chiller. Especially prone to dirt for a position as a key need to clean the place, relying on various professional cleaning solvents, to achieve better cleaning results, keep the chiller with higher thermal performance in less time for enterprises to establish immutable environment, improve the overall efficiency of the enterprise.

    If the chiller using high frequency, and environment is more severe, in order to reduce the probability of failure of various types of industrial chillers occurred, cleaning can be shortened to three months. As long as the presence of increased energy consumption and so on, we are able to conduct a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance for industrial chillers. Proper cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of the chiller, avoid all kinds of failure affecting the safe operation of industrial chillers.

    What specific time for thorough cleaning chiller, according to business needs to determine the use of the environment. If the business environment more clean and appropriate to extend the cleaning time, whereas the needs of enterprises completed ahead of schedule to clean and maintain stable operation of the chiller, avoid all kinds of business failures affect the normal use of the chiller.

    Chiller is mainly used in the plastic industry: plastic molding, injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, thermoforming, mechanical industry: laser technology, welding, mechanical machining, non-cutting machining, casting, electroplating, electronics industry: surface treatment, electroplating , electrophoresis, medical equipment, electronics industry, circuit board production, electronic microarrays manufacture, chemical industry and other industries: chemical, paper, pharmaceutical, food processing, aluminum, aluminum alloy, tempered glass, coated glass production, ultrasonic clean Xian, jewelry processing, leather, fur processing, ink production, aquaculture.