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Industrial chillers refrigeration and Debugging

AMC AMC 2016-05-09 09:31:05
  Ventilation and air conditioning should be under production load conditions make the determination and adjustment system integrated performance test by the construction unit to determine the specific content of the test according to the nature of the project, process and design requirements.
  The main content of industrial chillers refrigeration systems include integrated performance test, measurement and adjustment of the outlet air back to the state of parameters measured and adjust the air conditioning unit performance parameters, measurement of room noise, air-conditioned area for airflow special requirements, do airflow velocity Determination.
  Comprehensive performance test content ventilation, dust removal system including indoor air dust content or harmful gas concentration and emission concentrations, suction hood Determination of air flow characteristics, dust removal and air resistance effect, the air fumes, mist filter Determination of the effectiveness of the purification devices.
  Bath wet air conditioning systems in addition to air conditioning systems should include comprehensive performance test content, it is still likely to increase and adjust the following items measured indoor static pressure measured each functional segment performance industrial chillers and measurement and adjustment of indoor air.
Installation of electric heaters
  Electric heaters should have a good grounding cable to connect the front and rear flange gasket electromechanical industrial water duct heater, or heat-resistant materials should be used.
  When the electric heater is fixed to the steel frame should be noncombustible material as the wing heat hot melt layer, the exposed terminals should be added safety shield
  Electric heating can be used in ventilation, electric heater and fan should open and close the circuit interlock.
 Comprehensive performance industrial chillers, electric heating installation, directly affect the performance of the chiller, control the refrigeration, electric heating, and test data, greatly enhance the efficiency of industrial chillers.