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AMC mesh belt conveyor to the Chinese market

AMC AMC 2017-03-10 09:13:58
Food conveyor machinery industry in China should follow the path of development of science and technology innovation, our conveyor equipment manufacturers only increase investment in technology, changing development thinking, construct the industrial innovation pattern, can efficiently in the virtuous circle of sustainable development. Mesh belt conveyor is characterized by the fuselage can be easily extendable, storage silo, the tail can promote the elongation or shortening of the coal face, compact structure, no basis laid directly on the floor, frame lightweight, easy disassembly and Assembly. When the transmission capacity and distance is large, can be equipped with drive units to meet the requirements. According to requirement, can be delivered stand-alone or synthesis units horizontal or slanted transport system for the transmission of material. Of course, the belt conveyor is one of the major categories of machinery industry, as a key product of machinery industry, development of the machinery industry, also put forward higher requirements of belt conveyor. While maintaining the cost advantage, must rely on technological progress, to improve the quality and cost performance new advantages, such as achieving sustainable development.