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Fault analysis of the AMC chain line

AMC AMC 2017-02-14 10:46:54
    1, chain plate line chain plate machine shop floor laying without paving the way as designed, but uneven, excessive bending.
  2, chain or chain Groove heavy wear, make the gap between the two is too large.
  3, chain transmission chains of varying length on both sides, is not balanced.
  4, excessive chain chain chain plate bending deformation from the smaller.
  5, chain-plate conveyor transfer chain tension enough, caused the tail chain, chain plates easily emerge from the chain-plate machines slot.
  Detached from the powered sprocket and chain, is mainly due to:
  1, drive sprocket wear or stir in the debris.
  2, two pieces of chain tension is inconsistent.
  3, large chains to turn aside a serious or difficult.
  4, die installation does not arrive, chains perpendicular to the head does not meet the requirements.
  5, drive sprocket and the clearance between the shaft of the powered sprocket caused tilt or shake.