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AMC what are the main characteristics of belt conveyor

AMC AMC 2017-02-14 10:49:05
    1, low manufacturing cost: belt conveyor has simple structure, low manufacturing costs, automation is the highest priority in the design of continuous transmission. Low manufacturing cost, is because belt conveyor industrial belt, chain, sprocket, etc, these can be obtained through the purchase of materials and parts, manufacturing cycle is much shorter.
  2, due to the extensive use of standard aluminum structure, aluminum surface designed for mounting screws nuts with Groove, and aluminum is a highly flexible Assembly connection. By cutting the aluminum, which can easily be composed of a variety of shapes and sizes of a rack can also easily adjust the position of the above-mentioned institutions.
  3, the use of flexible:
  Flexibility of the belt conveyor is also reflected in the following aspects:
  Belt speed can be adjusted according to production cycle needs.
  Width and length of the belt can be adjusted according to production cycle needs.
  Both can be delivered in a horizontal plane, you can at the same time using 2 or 3 parallel parallel transporting a total of motor-driven belt conveyor line system line direction can be either the same or the opposite, nonconforming product has been returned.
  Either as large transmission line for line, or as small or micro-delivery device for space normally very sensitive to automated machine
  If delegates belt conveyor to a professional manufacturer, you need to size and technical requirements specific to each other to facilitate the quick integration of automatic production line.
  4, belt conveyor's structure is relatively simple, essentially a standardized structure, most of the components and materials are standardized and can be obtained by purchase, so that you can achieve rapid design and rapid manufacturing, reducing the cost of manufacturing, improve the market competitiveness of enterprises.