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The maintenance and use of conveyor belts

AMC AMC 2017-02-16 11:31:19
Maintenance of conveyor belt
  1 transportation in transport and storage, should be kept clean to prevent direct sunlight or rain and snow dip cream to prevent the acid, alkali, oil, organic solvents and other substances and heating device than a meter away.
  2, storage storage temperature should be kept between 18-40 ℃, relative humidity should be maintained between 50-80%.
  3, during storage, conveyor belts rolls place shall not be folded, placed during every quarter turn again.
  4, different types and specifications layer belt should not be used in, the joint best bonding method was used.
  Instructions for use of the conveyor belt follows: avoid the roller is covered by material, resulting in not rotating properly to prevent leakage between the rollers and conveyor belts, pay attention to moving parts lubricated, but not oil belt.
  The main parts of the conveyor belt is a belt conveyor, bearing materials, which are widely used in metallurgy, building materials, terminals, mining and other industries.