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Hot early summer, the high temperature of the food industry requirements

AMc AMc 2017-06-07 15:26:04
June to one years of purchasing slack, the food industry has maintained steady growth for more than 2017 years, and people are more likely to look for real security products, but trust in knowing things will not dampen their demand for innovation, and manufacturers can seize the opportunity to find inspiration from the treasure trove of history. Suzhou China and Germany (AMC) mechanical and electrical equipment company as the food industry A, in the fast-growing food industry, temperature control has been a food factory's key core, not only to achieve rapid requirements and can not destroy the original flavor of food. This food person is a headache and cannot but face the craft request. The cooling tunnel is an indispensable device on the process line. Food processing links for the temperature requirements are very high, Suzhou China and Germany (AMC) electromechanical equipment Company is a more than 10-year commitment to cooling systems industry enterprises, the cooling tunnels to achieve the world's top level, as a Chinese local enterprises, many international food enterprises, domestic food enterprises to provide a professional cooling tunnel design. Every a Times temperature control, cold water tunnel design has been unanimously praised by customers, AMC cooling tunnels in the world are recognized!