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Leading China manufacturer full-automatic spray sterilization cooling tunnel system

AMC www.coolingtunnelsystem.com 2023-11-03 10:08:51

(一)brief introduction:


Spray sterilization cooling tunnel, is dedicated to dairy products, juices, beverages, beer, food, medicine and other packaging after filling or pasteurization equipment, materials through sterilization and cooling equipment to achieve the desired purpose of extended shelf life, especially automation second production line necessary sterilization equipment. Heating according to the user for different products, sterilization, preservation, cooling requirements of different processes, different processes designed to meet the technological requirements, configure the high-precision automatic control system. Than the traditional water bath sterilization heat distribution more uniform, more penetration, more rapidly, greatly improving production efficiency.


(二):principle of work

1,equipment rack made of stainless steel, the overall structure is compact, beautiful appearance health; 

2, high-quality plastic mesh belt chain plate, long-term work at a high temperature, short-term high temperature 104 degrees Celsius;
3, full cone wide angle nozzle flow distribution uniform and stable temperature field constant;
4, insulation technology to reduce energy consumption;
5, a variety of energy utilization of heat recovery technology, energy saving, environmental protection;
6, the temperature sensor, high accuracy;
7, multi-process composition, rational process, can handle a variety of materials;
8, the use of sterilization temperature control, multiple sterilization temperature display / recording modes, (single / dual pen recorder, paperless recorder) or the like;
9, the total processing time frequency control, can be adjusted according to the process of production;
10, for packaging non-circular bottles, plastic bags, roof boxes, cans and other products to configure automatic feeding and discharging mechanism, and automated conveyor lines connecting a smooth transition;
11, can provide users with heat distribution testing services, use of expert systems, on-line monitoring of the entire production process of temperature changes.