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Best sell good capacity cooling tunnel belt conveyor maintenance

AMC AMC 2023-11-02 09:58:48

First, start-up and shutdown
    Conveyor generally should be started under no-load conditions. When installed several sets of sequential belt conveyors should be used starting device can be blocked in order to start and stop a certain order through the control room. In addition, in order to prevent incidents, each conveyor should be in place to start or stop the Settings button, you can stop Renyiyitai alone. In order to prevent the belt for some reason is longitudinal tear, when the conveyor length exceeds 30m, along the full length of the conveyor should be spaced a certain distance (eg 25-30m) to install a stop button.

Second, install the belt conveyor
    Install the belt conveyor is generally carried out according to the following stages.
1, the installation rack mounting the belt conveyor frame starting from scratch, and then install the various sections in turn the intermediate frame, and finally the installation of the tailstock. Before installing a rack, first pulling on the center line of the entire length of the conveyor, because keeping the center line of the conveyor in a straight line is an important condition for the normal operation of the conveyor belt, so when you install the rack sections, must aligned with the center line, but also put on airs leveling chassis centerline tolerance per meter captain of ± 0.1mm. However, the entire length of the conveyor frame center of error should not exceed 35mm. When all single install and identify after each block can be connected.
2, install the driver when the drive unit is installed, it must pay attention to the vertical centerline of the shaft and the belt conveyor belt conveyor, so that the width of the center line of the drive roller conveyor center coincides with the axis of the drive shaft line reducer parallel. At the same time, all the axes and rollers should be leveling. The horizontal axis of the error, according to the width of the conveyor, allowing in the range of 0.5-1.5mm. While installation of the drive, you can install the tail wheel tensioning device, the tensioning roller axis of the device should be perpendicular to the centerline of the belt conveyor.
3. After installation of roller rack, gear and tensioning device is installed, you can install the upper and lower idler roller frame, so the conveyor belt with a curved arc slowly change direction, asked roller frame bending section spacing is normal care roll stand spacing 1/2 to 1/3. After the roller installation, you should make it a flexible light rotation.
4, last pinpoint conveyor belt conveyor belt always runs to ensure that the roller and the roller center line, install roller, when the rack and roller, must meet the following requirements:
1) All rollers must line up parallel to each other and maintain the horizontal level.
2) All the cylinders are arranged in rows parallel to each other.
3) The supporting structure must stand straight, but also to maintain the horizontal level. To this end, the drive roller and roller frame after installation, should the centerline and the horizontal conveyor for final alignment.
5, then the frame is fixed to the foundation or slab. Belt conveyor fixed later, it can be installed for loading and unloading devices.
6. When the hanged hanged the belt conveyor, the first conveyor belt strips laid on the roller load segment, followed by Wai hold the drive roller, and then deposited on the roller stage overloaded. Hangings strips can be used 0.5-1.5t a hand winch. When the tension strip to connect, tension device should be moved to the extreme position of the drum, on the trolley and screw-type tensioning device would like to pull the transmission shift direction; and vertical picking drum holding device is moved to make the top ʱ?? In the belt tension before, you should install the motor reducer and inclined conveyor confidential installed brake.
7, after the conveyor belt installation, the need for idling test machine. In idle test machine, pay attention to whether the deviation phenomenon conveyor operation, the operating temperature of the drive portion of the roller operation activities, the cleaning device and the guide plate surface in contact with the belt tight degree, while make the necessary adjustments, the components are normal after the operation can be carried out with a load test machine. If the use of spiral tensioning device, when operating with a load test machine, but also its tightness make another adjustment.

Third, the maintenance of belt conveyors
In order to ensure reliable operation of the belt conveyor, the most important is to discover and troubleshoot possible. For this reason the operator must always observe the work of transport, such as abnormal should be promptly treated. Machinery Workers should regularly inspect and examine any situation or component should be noted that it is very important. For example, a roller, does not seem very important, but a high-speed conveyor belt transporting abrasive materials may soon put its shell worn out, the emergence of a blade, the blade could seriously damage an expensive belt. Workers trained or experienced staff to detect impending accident and preventive measures. Conveyor belt conveyor belt conveyor costs in the whole account for a large proportion. In order to reduce the cost of replacement and repair conveyor belts, we must pay attention to the operators and maintenance personnel training conveyor operation and maintenance knowledge.

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