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Type and technical parameters of non-standard drum

AMC AMC 2016-07-11 14:25:31
  Conveyor traditional design, most manufacturers are using standard roller conveyor parts, for production operations, in accordance with standard drum which is usually standard promulgated national unity to manufacture rollers. According to the company on the conveyor production line arrangement and delivery amount and other factors of production operations segment, production companies can own in accordance with the desired delivery device, the standard drum design drawings for the redesign.
    In recent years, to meet the mining, metallurgy and other industries. Conveyor device in the direction of more large-scale, long-distance and high operating rate of development. Large conveyor reliability and economy requirements are getting higher and higher, so the conveyor apparatus of key parts, such as conveyor belts, rollers and other accessories also put forward higher requirements.
Non-standard roller type of accessories by more, mainly based on the conveyor apparatus to be divided, in the production of enterprises common to include: non-standard belt line series, non-standard speed chain series, non-standard chain-line series, non-standard drum line series, non-standard drying line series, non-standard and non-standard automated assembly line series machine series. Non-standard roller conveyor apparatus mainly, riveting machines, industrial ovens, drilling machines, conveyor lifts and other equipment.
    Non-standard drum design, unlike traditional process design of standard equipment so simple, standard drum design is based on the material to be produced, the company delivered to specific provisions, the general process of manufacture according to the design can be completed. Rather than the standard drum is required according to manufacturers in the production operations, based on the company to be required for specific production workplace, industry characteristics and use of production materials, the standard drum for independent design, the design of non-standard cylinder, It is not specifically designed reference model.