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Repair cycle of belt conveyors and related content

AMC AMC 2016-07-04 09:56:37
In order to extend the life of the belt conveyor, the best advice is to do routine maintenance work, in general, depending on the type of repair, the corresponding maintenance cycle is not the same, the same, specific to each maintenance projects Differences.

Belt Conveyor Maintenance Category:

First, minor repairs

For minor repairs, its maintenance cycle is generally not fixed, that is, the need for unscheduled inspections, which is primarily aimed at small repair projects, including street check the belt, check the rollers and roller, check the V-belt, chain, gear, transmission structure, etc., also need to do the cleaning and refueling of working parts.
  Second, overhaul

For major repairs, it is generally recommended every 12-18 months overhaul, a major overhaul of the content in addition to the project including the minor repairs, but also need to break down and check each roller bearing and drive system is normal, make the appropriate cleaning work, connecting portions oil change operation. Check and adjust the belt cleaner, check under the hopper is normal, wear belts, side gear leather processing, adjust the belt relaxation degree, if worn powerful, it needs better belts, the drive roller, roller appears biased shift correction and so on.

Through this routine maintenance work, it can be belt conveyors may arise early detection of early treatment, so as to effectively enhance the conveyor belt usage time.