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Water-cooled chiller operating principles related presentations

AMC AMC 2016-05-25 17:33:06
Water-cooled chiller is known as water-cooled chiller, because it uses a condenser cooling tower to provide a cooling source, the heat generated by the chiller itself take the form of being named. Its cooling form can be understood by a way to transfer heat out of the water to make it into the chilled water, thus cooling equipment or products. chiller is how to achieve the transfer of heat it, from below the structure, operation principle chiller such as the two aspects its interpretation of the structures water-cooled chiller water-cooled chiller basic refrigeration system there are four main components: a compressor, an evaporator, a condenser, an expansion valve Further, in order to improve the performance of the refrigeration system to achieve better performance, usually there are many auxiliary devices: other components of the liquid line solenoid valve, sight glass, liquid line filter drier, high and low pressure controller, low temperature circulating pump, water tank insulation and so the whole system into running water circulation system, cooling part of the coolant circulation system and electrical control system, three interrelated electric control system is responsible for the whole operation, the refrigerant cycle system is responsible for the completion of the cooling water circulation system is responsible for the operation of chilled water delivery equipment or products to be cooled. cooling when the chiller water-cooled chiller operation principle to work, into high-pressure refrigerant temperature gas under compression compressor into the condenser, the high temperature high pressure refrigerant gas through a condenser, and the other side of the condenser cooling water heat-exchanged by the gas into a liquid, while the heat by cooling water and into the filter drier, high-pressure liquid refrigerant passes through the thermostatic expansion valve is throttled, the pressure drop, part of the refrigerant gas from the liquid loaded into this when the refrigerant liquid and gas two-phase mixed state, the refrigerant through the evaporator, chilled water in the evaporator of the heat exchange, the temperature of the chilled water cooling to the desired temperature, meet the set requirements, the evaporator after the gas refrigerant cycle back to the compressor to complete a refrigeration cycle. with such a production cycle of a reciprocating water-cooled chiller control system is more advanced, are imported microcomputer control system for plant operation and monitoring of the safety workers are pretty good protection.