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Belt conveyor sprinkle material handling

AMC AMC 2016-06-06 10:31:50
A, DZSF Product Overview

  DZSF series are dual vibration motor. When two vibrating motors to synchronize and anti-Fou rotation, the eccentric excitation force generated cancel each other out in the direction parallel to the axis of the motor, the motor shaft in the direction of a force in a vertical stack, and therefore the trajectory of the screening machine a straight line. Two motor shaft relative screen surface has a dip at the joint effect of the exciting force and material self-gravity, the material on the screen surface is toss leap forward in a straight line, so as to achieve the purpose of the material screening and grading. Suitable granularity in 0.074-5mm, moisture content less than 70%, screening a variety of dry powder material non-adhesive. The maximum feed size of not more than 10mm.

Second, the main characteristics and suitable for industry

  The product high screening precision, large capacity, simple structure, low energy consumption, low noise, long life screen, sealing, and minimal fugitive dust, easy maintenance, can be used in production line automation.
The products are widely used in screening chemical, food, plastics, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, glass, building materials, food, fertilizers, abrasives, ceramics and other industries in a dry powder or granular material.

Main Characteristics:

  Multilayer powder linear motor vibrating screen vibrating motor is the use of the principle, so that the screen surface material was tossed leap forward in a straight line, in order to achieve a reasonable match mesh screening purposes for 0.074--5mm any screening dry materials. The maximum feed size of not more than 10mm.
The screening machine screening of high precision, simple structure, easy maintenance, low energy consumption, low noise, sealing, and reduce dust pollution, long screen life.