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Water-cooled chiller works

AMC AMC 2016-04-18 10:06:15
Water-cooled chiller using hermetic compressors, compressed refrigerant gas and liquid to make the conversion, the object during the gas-liquid conversion process will be accompanied by a large number of endothermic or exothermic phenomenon, chillers absorb a lot of heat in the water in the evaporator, .. make it into the freezing water, the absorbed heat is dissipated through the cooling tower complete set of refrigeration technology first, to explain the process of cooling chillers: cooling tower bottom basin of water through the pump delivery to the chiller condenser to condensate by cooling fan on top of the tower for the cooling water to cool the timer, and then flow back into the cooling tower spray while the latter back into the cooling tower bottom basin, so the cycle of operation. complete work on the cooling chillers again who interpret endothermic process chillers, refrigeration process is: the condenser cooling at the same time inside the refrigerant liquefied, and then flow into the evaporator evaporation, and evaporation to absorb heat, thereby absorbing heat in the evaporator sulfuric acid in water, after cooling water into chilled water, chilled water through the pump delivery to the required cooling down of equipment or product group, complete refrigeration process.