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Chiller Maintenance Tips

AMC AMC 2016-03-28 11:16:08
1. In order to ensure good performance of the unit, keep the Swiss-speed chiller in a good environment, surrounded by a well-ventilated, low temperature.
2. Turn off the compressor, then close the cooling fan.
3. Every six months or refrigerator degraded, please clean the condenser and the check valve operation in a normal state.
4. The condenser should be less than optimal operating pressure 1.5MPa, regular inspection and cleaning of the condenser allows the machine to maintain optimal performance.
5. For air-cooled machine, make sure the machine ventilated condenser and regular maintenance.
6. If you do not use for a long time, sometimes precipitate pump impeller is blocked, it is rotated by hand before using the machine pump cooling fan. The unit during operation, should be promptly and correctly make a record operating parameters.
7. Unit operation such as alarm shutdown, shall promptly notify the relevant personnel on the unit to check if the fault can not be excluded, can be directly linked with the factory.
8. The unit is strictly prohibited flow switch short-circuited during operation, in order to avoid frozen water pipes broken.
9. The room should be equipped with appropriate safety equipment and maintenance testing tools, such as pressure gauges, thermometers and other tools should be stored in a fixed position
10. After the unit shut down, do not turn off the main power
11. During long as the unit is shutdown, should the wind cold water unit system all put the net, to prevent rust. Water chamber cover should be sealed
12. crew during long-term shutdown, should do repair and maintenance work.
13. Recommends that every four years or qualitative difference lubricating oil, impurities and moisture in the oil increases, changing the oil.
14. Cleaning the condenser at least once a year, once a year is recommended before using wash, wash once the hottest summer days.