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What is AMC water chiller

AMC www.coolingtunnelsystem.com/ 2023-04-27 15:06:49

AMC Water Chiller is a machine through vapor compression or absorption refrigeration cycle to achieve the effect.

These fluids can flow through the heat exchanger reaches the air or equipment cooling purposes.

Vapor compression AMC water chillers consists of four main components of the vapor compression refrigeration cycle (compressor, evaporator, condenser, metering device forms part), these machines can achieve different refrigerants.

Benign refrigerant and urban water absorption chillers use silica gel as desiccant.

Absorption chillers using water as a refrigerant, and rely on water and lithium bromide solution between, in order to achieve the cooling effect is very strong affinity.

 In most cases, pure water is chilled, but the water may also contain a percentage of ethylene glycol and / or corrosion inhibitor; such as thin oils can be chilled as well as other liquids.