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Happy Birthday Girl

2015-06-02 15:12:49
Today spent in AMC's first birthday, very happy and very moved.
Colleagues warm birthday wishes to me sing a song, 18-year-old candle stuck on a delicious cake, I really hope that this moment forever.
Even the passage of time has not forgotten memories.
Kenya customer orders a cooling tunnel accident became my special birthday gift.
Thank you for this beautiful blessing to my family, hope that in future days we always like to accompany each other as family.
Bearing in mind the significance of birth is gone past expectations for a better future, is the summary of life, we have been able to meet expectations better themselves.
Enrich your life today, yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery.As the old saying "Accept what was and what is, and you'll have more positive energy to pursue what will be."
There is a colleague about to leave, I do not know without her days we will lose, but I know how much joy she has more great dream.
Perhaps this is life, together in uninterrupted parting treasure to appreciate the joy of reunion years together.
Cherish all the happy and moved, even if it is also sadness or regret, are vital to life beautiful.