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AMC attention to women's football

AMC www.coolingtunnelsystem.com 2015-06-12 18:41:25
AMC attention to women's football

AMC is profession in producing cooling tunnel machine for 12 years,but we also attention to women's football.
Beijing on June 12 morning, the 2015 Women's World Cup group match of the second round of the war, the Chinese team take advantage of the audience, with WANG SISI 90th minute goal 1-0 victory over the Netherlands, made their first World Cup victory.
China news agency, Edmonton, June 11 - Local 11, Canadian Women's World Cup ended the A, B two teams in the second round tournament, the Chinese team in 1: 0 lore Netherlands qualifying the situation is excellent. Since the other match in group A Canadian team was the New Zealand team draw, the Chinese team to top the group identity and even the hope of promotion.

War Canada and New Zealand had just been suspended for 4 minutes on the case of a thunderstorm struck. 30 minutes after the resumption of fighting, the New Zealand team upset with 0: 0 draw with the hosts. Currently two games wins and 1 level of the Canadian team with four points behind in Group A with three points in China and the Netherlands ranked second and third, and 1 loss of the New Zealand team bottom of the rankings.

Local time on the 15th, the Chinese team will usher in the final group stage opponents New Zealand team. Fourth World Cup race of the New Zealand team has never achieved a victory, is recognized as the World Cup, "send sub-boy." Prior to the Chinese team met twice with the New Zealand World Cup squad, have become the final winner --1991 World Cup, the Chinese team 4: 1 win; in 2007, the Chinese team 2: 0 victory. Coincidentally, those two games are the group stage at the end of the war.

But the Chinese team can not forget the painful lessons of recent years. In June 2012 a warm-up match, the Chinese team beat the New Zealand team, ending 21 years in every victorious history, and subsequently made the Chinese team's three-game winning streak. Where in 2013 four country of Switzerland, the New Zealand team to 4: 0 victory over the Chinese women's football and win.

Today, the New Zealand team draw with the Canadian team should attract enough attention to the Chinese team. New Zealand has been a sub-team also retains the hope of qualifying, the end of war to win even if the team is expected to win a better ranking, the Chinese team will go all out to achieve the team qualify for the World Cup second round of a historic breakthrough.

From both sides of power and war records, as well as the performance of the first two rounds of the World Cup tournament, the Chinese team to take all three points when reasonable. But one of "popular" is also the charm of sports, ideas most "safe" place often hidden traps, just as the 11th A group of the strongest teams in Canada, New Zealand and the weakest struggle, expected in this race was one-sided It ended in a draw. Therefore, the Chinese women's football team for an audacious late in the war, beware of Team New Zealand's "Lengjian" injured.

The top two tournament six teams and four best scores of the third group can enter 16, has three points in hand as long as the Chinese women's football game which can basically get the security level to qualify, but the group ranked shift directly determines the playoff opponent.

16 of the war, if the Chinese women's football does not qualify as the top two in the group, whether it is Germany or Japan, the Chinese team will be hard to deal with.

The same concern was also Canada and the Netherlands war. London as an Olympic runner-up, overwhelmed sits at home, although the Canadian team wins the championship, but the 0: 0 draw with New Zealand has sounded the alarm to the host. And the Dutch team at the end of the war, the Canadian team is absolutely no certainty to win a game if the upset win or draw with the Netherlands, while the Chinese team beat New Zealand, then, the Chinese team is likely to top the group.

Relatively optimistic that the Chinese team's fate in their own hands. Just win the battle in New Zealand and get enough goal difference, the Chinese team will not only proudly among the 16, but also in a more favorable position in the knockout for 8 in advance to bring greater hope.

In Group B's two race day, the two-meet of Germany and Norway 1: 1 draw, both hand cut almost a foregone conclusion; Thailand 3: 2 victory over C?te d'Ivoire, in order to retain the third group to enter the last 16 hopes.