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Future trends of biscuit equipment

AMC AMC 2015-06-12 16:16:13
The future development trend of the biscuit equipment: the mainstream of the low fat health products into the market
On the seminar, from Britain, Denmark, the Swiss National Biscuit equipment manufacturers brought in the European market is very popular in the hundreds of different packaging and different flavors of biscuits, which makes attending Chinese biscuit production enterprises on behalf of an eye opener. From the international cookie market trends, the variety of low-fat health, nutrition and leisure products will have a lot of room for development.
At present, potato products have different shapes (circular, square) and formula, which is a very promising product, suitable for consumers in different occasions to eat. Another popular product is cookies, the cookies and brownies, the sales price is higher. And a hollow biscuit in the European market is more popular, is now into the field of candy market and the fillers can chocolate formulations, also can do the imaging row same cake products, foreign students mostly at breakfast food. Therefore, this product in the foreign family to buy more.
There is also a popular product called the row, such as chocolate row belongs to the cake category, but it is the production of biscuits in the way of production. According to the introduction, the UK has a factory production row of products due to the shelf life is very long, so the sale of profit is very considerable. From the overall trend of development, the product is the direction of the development of hard biscuits.
Compact packaging: disposable consumption of consumer
In the seminar, brought from foreign biscuits equipment suppliers over a hundred kinds of biscuit products, small packaging products more, some 25 grams in a small package, some containing six bags of a bag, very convenient for consumers to eat. Do not underestimate this change in the packaging, because it gives the biscuit production enterprises has brought more than the past several times the sales profit. It is understood that some small package of products is to meet some consumers on the way to work, specially designed to facilitate consumption, which can be seen in the good intentions of the packaging design, and this is the future of a variety of snack food packaging development trend. In addition to a variety of small packages for the outside, all kinds of biscuit products and packaging color dazzlingly beautiful, personalized design. From the point of view of the packaging, there are a lot of local packaging designers learn to learn from place.