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Complete sets of equipment design chocolate background

AMC AMC 2015-07-01 23:45:56
  Current developed candy, chocolate industry has entered a process of modernization, new materials, new equipment and new skills to promote candy chocolate production process and packaging skills continue to change our habits, fine carved Lou. Standardized goods equipment to carry out high-speed automation: candy, chocolate makers at the standardization of packaging, usually demand high speed, automation of complete sets of equipment, in order to seek economies of scale packaging cost optimization. Thus, in recent years the development of complete sets of equipment manufacturers to develop a different kind of commodities suitable speed, automation candy, chocolate equipment, such as on a conventional pillow packaging and some suitable commodities with double kink kink complete sets of equipment. On this type of equipment, the manufacturer chose today's latest skills, such as servo motors, photoelectric stalking, high-speed cameras, in order to reach progress equipment performance, currently has 1,500 to 2,000 per minute, high-speed pillow candy equipment. High Speed ​​Chocolate Pillow equipment is more of a cool breeze from the device and packaging film, etc. to match the development to reach high speed without affecting the inherent quality chocolate goods. In addition, convergence with chocolate conveyor equipment Active Steering, clean up, stop, acceleration is also widely used. Personalized products equipment can turn to a machine to carry out: on non-standardized or seasonal goods, equipment should be sensitive, it is characterized by simple and delicate. This type of equipment does not seek to speed, but look for personalized packaging and sensitive adaptability. Current ChocotechGmbh (Germany Qiao Ketai) produced a series of PRAL I PACK equipment, suitable for the packaging of various shapes flat chocolate, such as heart-shaped, Bear shape, rabbit-shaped chocolate, can be packed into a brush package approach. If the equipment has been modified slender element, it can also be affixed to the foot of the demand for goods. The other series of complete sets of equipment can also be packaged as an envelope folding chocolate. Equipment manufacturers to meet the needs of users are working to make more than one device to be able to carry out the direction. Packaging planning concepts novelty, difference: the distinctive packaged goods planning to meet the competition, constantly innovating, difference gives intense visual impact, such as the commercially bottled xylitol gum present, because the right to improve the packaging of the younger generation consumer mind commodities, very popular. Chinese candy and chocolate production history, but a half-century career. Its packaging experience from craft packaging, semi-mechanized packaging, a series of mechanical packaging stage, now has some large foreign companies to introduce advanced automation equipment, the end of the packaging automation. In the course of the also still some small companies also followed the technology package, but with the skills to carry out the packaging, craft packaging will be less and less. Currently, candy, chocolate product packaging have, knot packaging, pillow packaging, folding (envelope) packaging. Traditional kink packaging is the oldest packaging, this packaging used for candy, it can not only speed through modernization, automation of complete sets of equipment to the end, it is possible to operate through the end of the craft; pillow packing internationally prevalent in 60 to 70 times, from the beginning of the 80 domestic era prevailed so far. Because the packing machine candy contrast throughout most current, chocolate producing companies are selected pillow packaging, folding (envelope) packaging, used for chocolate products, candy suitable for wrapping, strip pack, co-packed, because the packaging way of packaging equipment and packaging materials have higher requirements, thus domestic choose this packaging goods much. Universities across the country under this key, but also actively participated in the meantime, the creation of various types of curriculum planning categories, the appointment of a professional team of teachers to counsel students, encourage students to participate in or organize a variety of scientific and technological innovation activities. Greatly contributed to the enthusiasm of students to participate in internships, enhance students' self-innovation ability and begin to.
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